Friday, October 6, 2017

Discovering Genius

Two boys, mistreated by their employer, ran away, taking the road to Rome. They reached the Eternal City. Peter was taken as cook's boy in a cardinal's house, Michael could find nothing to do, so he almost despaired and almost starved. But he liked to visit the churches and gaze at the fine pictures therein.

Detail from The Creation of Adam,
portraying the creation of humankind by God
       Something stirred within him, and he took bits of charcoal and sketched pictures on the walls of Peter's attic room. One day the cardinal discovered them. The boys were frightened, and Michael declared that he would rub them all out. But he did not understand the cardinal, who was amazed at their accuracy and power. He took Michael to a drawing-master, and gave Peter a better position in his house. Michael worked diligently and became an enthusiast in his art.
       Michael's other name was Angelo. This was the humble beginning of the man who was a universal genius -- painter, architect, sculptor and poet.
50 Works by Michael Angelo

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