Thursday, June 18, 2015

Spiritual Nobility

A touching tribute to one of nature's noblewomen appeared in the Pall Mall Gazette:

She walks unnoticed in the street.
The casual eye
Sees nothing in her fair or sweet.
The world goes by
Unconscious that an angel's feet
Are passing nigh.

She little has of beauty's wealth,
Truth will allow;
Only her priceless youth and health,
Her broad, white brow;
Yet grows she on the heart by stealth,
I scarce know how.

She does a thousand kindly things
That no one knows.
A loving woman's heart she brings
to humans woes,
And to her face that sunlight clings
Where'er she goes.

And so she walks her quiet ways 
With that content 
That only comes to sinless days
And innocent.
A life devoid of fame or praise,
Yet nobly spent.

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